Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Darkness Inside

A Dark Place Within.

Deep within the true and bizarre universe,
Of percept and concept and lucid visions,
Of internally programmed psycho televisions,
When free falling through trance states to fly,
To attain a pure and natural high,
Lies a black disk, a region to avoid.
Self-preserver steers away, but lingers,
Nothing to warn, except accurate fingers,
And though before confused, the truth will out,
Mind, once dumb, tongue once numb, now should shout,
To keep from falling in, this mental bin,
To tell total all to the driver,
This belated stoning, awry arriver,
Internal voice talking stops, and manyana,
Narrow is the escape from unsought nirvana. 



Metaphors Run Out

Was that the week, when allegories flew?
Meanings were lost in sincere conversation,
And the metaphor mill stopped grinding?

Demonstrations of love, affection, and concern,
Fell slack as the enemies' guns sad-hiatus,
Words failed, as shutters stealed to...

Silent brooding metaphors, self protection,
A heart's clang, a clicked steel lock,
Towering doubts and incomplete parley.

No black dogs, no silly waving,
No bleeding daffodils, nor endless dreams,
Just a dried-up metaphor well.

No bleeding hearts, lost souls,
No telephonic pleas for clemency,
Pointless behind these walls.

Hearts still beating, under safe roofs,
Food in the pantry, but not for souls,
Gut reaction, purely digestive.

Deeper, darker sadness, impossible explanation,
Connection unbreakable, remains unwatered,
Starved but immortal, sad shutters.

No anger, no fear, just monumental loss,
Infinite ways to expound these feelings,
Evaporated and gone, in plain super-heated drought,
Drying all the metaphors, and parching my love.... desolate-preservation.


Off Centre

A half-degree from centre
Switching between eye-searing ice-scape
Mountainous valleys, and sweeping, brilliant moors

Then back to patched chaotic nonsense
With radios, photos, tables, candles, cutlery
Mad web-blink then, off-key
Slightly perhaps, I sing my love-song

From behind snow blind burned retinal memory
Like a child, window seat behind closed curtain
Cut-off and uncertain
Repeating a chorus from volcanic depth

Cut off again

Slowly circling, off-pitch, off-centre
Now hum with me and see for me
This half degree from opposites
This near closeness to sheer blind perfection

As lofty cragged ice walls creak worryingly
Stepping back to chaos from this window seat
I watch you in my prejudice
Predeciding the depth of my love

Waving the web away to nothing with casual hand
Before giving my eyes wholly
My tongue, my throat, my lungs,
Your kiss, your window seat, your curtain,

My love song
The one with ever such a disturbing chorus

My ice valleys, my volcano, my chaos
A half degree from centre
A thousand miles to the nearest doubt.

 There are times when words aren't enough. They help though.

A very expensive month so far March, very very blooming costly.....in all sorts of ways.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Turning a Corner


Forgotten chips of granite and calcite,
And unknowable string, mermaids’ hair.

Put my shell to your ear:

You’ve got me, you’ve got me, you’ve got me,
Now, never lose me….

Dancing across white hot beach love,
Too much for the simple barefoot approach.

Crash into waves then crash on love loungers,
Water, wine, beer and song:

You’ve got me, you’ve got me….

Hear the roar of my love,
Calling from distant shores.

Crash through cool foliage, fragrant,
Noisy with birds and grasshoppers,
To the cool, cool white room….
And dive from these rocks into love.

You’ve so damned got me.

The camera never lies, I do possess a giant dog......


Car Park.

Standing by a fifth century castle in twentieth century ruin and rack
And the greensward all about the picnic area

Car park and a sense of lost perspective
That may never be the kind of trip
You'd let your children ride round on a three ring circus horse
Guard on sentry duty

Outside the palace where you saw the shade
Of an unrealistically beautiful woman
Keeping hold of the hand of time
To watch for the return of common sense

And reason and burning ships that carried the souls
Of her children

And when you speak she leaves a faint scent of
Autumn woodland maybe a hint of pine
And herbs that remain indescribable in
Profusion of senses that reminds

The car park attendant to check his pulse
And his purse to buy cigarettes
To smoke lonely in his wooden sentry shed
Where the fifth century seems to live these days

And knights have left to sleep at Alderley with the wise man and
His king carrying out the role of the watchmen who wait for a secret
Picnic signal

To remind them of Armageddon and innocent heady days
In the very place you stand in feeling no larger
Than the mushroom in the sward and no sword
Leaps to you grip as the battle-chief locks

The car park gates for the end of the day.

There is no common thread between these, except for me. No personal comment, no hidden messages, just some random poems picked out, and pictures likewise.

What has this to do with turning a corner?

Maybe nothing, but I have made a decision, and, hard though it initially is going to be, I've managed a few days already, so am determined that it's one that's going to last for some time yet. The alternative is to sink back into the same old mind-numbing routine, again, and we know that that doesn't really work, so maybe having an ever clearer head might.

I'm not going to drag out the soap-box and tell the world about the reformation, but as I said, I'm giving myself a sincere chance here.


Blind bats frequent your head,
Flick switch, blast tycoon said :


Instant combustible sprites,
Burn now and then, for foreign pupils,
And leave
No waxy trace,
No bones or wings of steel.

Steal my head
From flower show garden lovers,
Frequently absent.

"In absentia"

Gorn, forget the visiting troops,
Forget 'Home Rule !'

Never before, never again.

I will love you as much as you need.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Just Thinking a Bit

This first one is from waaaay back in the late 80s, but a conversation I just had brought it to mind.....

Fish and Chip Love.

The rain dripping off my nose,
Off your hair, and off my clothes.
"These chips are hot "
"Yes" You say,
"You should have had some-
The other day."

The slogans written above our heads,
Poets all, with brains of lead,
I tell you how I really feel,
St Pauls' bells begin to peel,
Off there in the distance,
The moon's hidden, by mischance.

The vinegar leaks from the paper,
I'm really too old for this caper.
Soggy chips in a soggy bag,
I offer you my last fag,
The sky pours out the rain,
Will our fish & chip love
Ever be the same ?


It's been a funny old couple of weeks.


Before I retired last night I had one of those moments of clarity, where I saw, though not for the first time, just in a frame of clarity that ran in dozens, if not hundreds of directions, that en masse, humans are being farmed.

It really doesn't matter which "party" is in "charge" or "in power" as the "power" is not theirs to wield. It's not in the monarchy, or the state, or really the banks, though they are pretty obvious conduits to its manifestation, conduits that are plied by whom? I don't have that answer. I'm not being all "conspiracy theorist" about this. Really I'm not.

I will endeavour to come up with an essay on the subject, just not now. The latest incarnation of this line of thought was probably initiated by the theft from my van last week....

I will leave that there, but if you work, how much of the fruits of your labour are actually yours? Unless you are totally off-grid, then a fraction of every single thing that you spend money on, goods, food, services, fuel, etc just goes around in a cycle, and that cycle is simply the hydroponic system that keeps the whole things going, including those thieves, as the black market is a vital part of the economy, believe it or not, and their benefits, and everything....it's all propped up to keep the farm running.... To try to keep us from realising what's going on, you get mass media manipulation, clever stuff really.

Scary stuff if you think too much about it, but then you can't, because you're being fed everything you need, entertainment, "politics", ha, as if we actually "have a say" in it all. It doesn't blooming matter if we're "in Europe" and being run by unelected commissioners, like the Kinnocks, or not, as the global corporations are technically "above" them anyway, and will find a way to get what they want regardless of Brussels, or London, or  Washington. Work it out.... The mass military actions these days are overseen by private "security" companies, rather than states, although clearly states do play their role....Keeping the oil, diamonds, people, flowing where they're needed......The amount of salary/income you can seriously call your own is already spoken for, it pays debt, banks, governments, business, utilities, mortgages, and so on. The list is far too long for this little rant. Even if you squirrel a good bit away for that rainy day, it's then being used to make money for the banks anyway.....it's part of the farming process.

Mammon is in charge, and while he was a long term presence, now he really is the parasite, and cares nothing for love, or life-affirmation, apart from where they lead to more people to maintain the farm.... Think of any single aspect of life, and it will be only a stone's throw away from worshipping the beast.

Best take simple pleasures where you can find them, before they find another way to tax them.

There was one of David Attenborough's pieces on ants farming caterpillars, and various other insects harvesting their prey, and the analogy was there for everyone to see. Someone somewhere is getting more than a slice of you, and there is pretty much nothing you can do about it.

Rant put on hold....for now.... Here's a picture I took earlier....

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Various Walks Around Here

It's yet another damp grey Sunday. Cold, but it's been a lot colder in March, so I shouldn't complain....

This was the week that I had the majority of my work-gear stolen out of my van. My locked van. My undamaged post-event locked van. To the tune of about £1000...... a nice way to get the week started.

It seems that you can buy a device on Amazon called a "Tibbe", that allows you to simply pick a Ford lock easily. Thanks Amazon, that's helpful!

There's an even easier device out there for a similar price. See Guardian article and I thought, naievely that such things would not only be illegal, but certainly not for sale on the open market.... 

There's no point in having decent stuff if people can just take it without any repercussions. To say I am livid would be an understatement, but the worst thing is how helpless I feel as to what anyone can do about it.

Best just to get your head down and keep on keeping on.


This my secret labyrinthine centre,
Painfully echoes non-sound-sense of the cool
Dripping of ice-cold
Cave water.

Drip, silent hours, drip,
Then silence for another drip,
Ripples of unlit nonsense sears.
Pierce these cave walled thoughts
And dispatch another, in your wake,
Dripping intense caved
Lust for your gods,
And skin.
For the caves of love.

Cool deep pitch dark pool,
Holding the self deep within,
Reflects black light on black,
But echoes silently these dripping secrets,
As I died a little intensely
Sinking in short ecstacy pools,
Waking in sober pain,
And dead lust gone, leaves,
These caves.

Secretive maze walking cave diving
Glad hanging and lustful cavefish,
Seek out the cool centre.

Garden Love

The lawn-mower told me to do it.
To change the plane, twist a set degree,
And to cut right over the edge,
To neaten the edge first
Was my own idea.

The moss lay at your feet,
Twigs in our hair,
And love in our grass boxes.

As I compost in your cool moist darkness,
With wood-lice, worms, leatherjackets and ants,
Spiders, grubs, and deep tidal motions,
My love exponents the moment,
And brings dissembly, of a sort.

Like a ladder of windows,
I live through one, seven, two, ten,
And still am the ladder,
The metaphysical pull-cord,
To the rotary dictator of….

My redisturbed passion for wholeness,
So much closer than I knew,
But hell no, never two-stroke.

Hell aye, I merely exist to,
Make you whole.

All he asked was to let the old me out,
Handing me your key,
As I hand you mine.

Nonsensical Trees.

Steel ice blue flash of armour,
Kingfisher shoots trhough this conversation,
Where Ring Ousel meets Goldfinch,
And Jenny Wren lends a wing.

Warily watching the lady in waiting,
Hands heavy on shoulders, repetitive straining,
To keyboards for typing the words of another,
Dear sir, my sister, my father, or brother.

Interruption from weathered faces that enter,
Repent with the telephone and then at the window,
Horrible visions of dreams long forgotten,
With fast cars, and dead trees, last summers pollen.

Broken down on the ring road, the kestrel above,
Dodging myriad starlings, and recreational love,
Leaves bitter residues in taste buds like these,
Notional climbing, nonsensical trees.

Square Peg.

Is this the place to stand and wait for rain ?
How can you get the speaker to explain ?
Just which of those jolly old fools,
Spends days fitting square pegs into round holes ?

The telephone rings and the shower curtain flaps,
Under breath cursing and the folds of old maps,
A planned journey to a view from a hill,
Deserted by fools now so move in for the kill.

The place is deserted yes, but we are still here,
Expecting the footsteps to wind ever near,
The actions of panic are unreliably safe,
But this moment is passing, everso brief.

The rain is late coming so we abandon the game,
The speakers gone home now, so we'll do the same,
The old fool's voice on the telephone line,
Stinks of t'baccy and musty old wine.

Running on illegal grass and stamping on flowers,
That lie dead in these clean april showers,
As the storm breaks now well high above me,
We kiss in the shelter of the gnarly old tree.

This is the place to stand, and have fun,
But how can you tell when loving's begun ?
We'll pretend that we're just the jolly old fools,
Hitting at square pegs with nonsensical tools.

Flockprinter: Buddy Wakefield

Ignore the video.

I don't know a lot about Buddy Wakefield. 

I have listened to some of his stuff, and some works for me, and some not so much, that is true of a lot of things out there I guess. The Flockprinter track I came across on a music blog I used to follow a few years back, and stumbled across it again just today while listening to the "misc" folder, and culling out some of the old dead-wood.


Have a look/listen. There's a whole load on YouTube.....

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Night Thoughts.

Black Ribbons

Her eyes, black ribbons,
Tendrils of unspeakable regret,
Ooze and drift through the driver's window,

Will O'the Wisp like, negative though,
Unspeakable sadness, dead angels,
Waft on hidden breezes,

Trail, scent-like, fractured, odd moves,
Inner maelstroms, pale dead face,
Dried tears, long long long dried,

Ghosts trail through from her car,
Driver's glass through my driver's glass,
And unexpectedly, I see the void.


Deep dark cool woodland airs
Hidden business
Life and not, an absence of thought
Of place and hour, invisible joins
Nothing but innocence, cool shady truth
As the trees enter your heart
With coarse lush bracken, and birdsong reality....

There should be water


Depth of reflected torchlight,
Reveals little on dark liquid shallows,
Hidden shadowfish sleep, wary.

Step back from the water's edge,
Swim deeper in perfect mind-stream,
Eyes lit in exposed high branches,
And shadowbirds start to sudden applause.

The eyes of the fox, the rabbits and
The points of light that see for my dog.

The deeps of the wood are remembering,
The ancient living memory of tree witnessed events,
And at midnight, plus some, we are far from alone,
In the cold of the night you can easy be.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Ukrainian Brides

Christ on a bike, I am NOT actually advertising them. It's random.

I can't see the ads on my pc, but they show up on the phone.

The first couple were fairly innocuous, all stocks & shares stuff....but just now, when I checked, I am suddenly invited to check out a list of Ukrainian Brides.

NO thanks.


Ad-sense is supposed to adapt to your content, and there is absolutely no adult content on here, so how come they throw that crap up?

Ignore it. It's just a trial I'm doing, for a month or two, none of the ad content is from me, just so's you know that.............

Monday, 20 February 2017




Couldn't resist doing just one more before I go see what I can find on TV.....

Thank you for reading.